Tasha A. Yorozu

プロフィール / Profile




Tasha Yorozu, the founding partner, heads the corporate practice team at Yorozu Law Group with more than 18 years of experience serving domestic and multi-national corporate clients. She has significant experience in technology and media licensing, commercial transactions, M&A, strategic alliances, and employment law. Ms. Yorozu frequently advises corporations and their executives and in-house counsel on strategies to achieve the client’s business goals while minimizing legal risk.

Ms. Yorozu grew up in Kyoto and lived in the US for most of her professional life, providing her with the background to serve as outside general counsel to Japanese corporations with operations in the US. Because she can seamlessly navigate between Japanese and American corporate cultures, languages, and legal frameworks, she is able to negotiate deals and assist the client in accomplishing their business goals efficiently.

取り扱い分野 / Areas of Practice



Corporate Transactions, Technology & Media Licensing, M&A, Strategic Alliances, Employment Law