David A. Makman

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David Makman specializes in patent and intellectual property litigation. He has experience in high stakes patent infringement litigations involving electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, software, and other technologies. He also has intellectual property consulting experience with copyright, trademark, and Internet law. Since 2007, he has expanded his practice and is handling commercial litigation and corporate governance issues. Mr. Makman is bilingual; he reads and speaks Japanese. He is the Chairman of the Board of the Japan Society of Northern California.

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“If they break their promise or steal your idea, don’t hesitate to call me.”  Japanese companies doing business in America should not be worried about the prospect of litigation.  Lawsuits are common in America and can be used by companies to further their business and political goals. My firm has experience with litigation in federal and state court as Plaintiff and as Defendant.  We handle disputes over contracts as well as intellectual property and employment.

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Intellectual Property Law
Commercial Litigation